Sprivers Mansion Wedding | Emily & Matt | Tonbridge, England

August 18, 2017

If you don’t already know, Sam spent his summers going to England every summer. So much of his family is over there! When Sam invited me to go with him to Emily and Matt’s wedding, of course, I said I would go! We booked our ticket in the spring for us to go in July. We sat at the computer for 3 hours till we booked it! We booked it specifically to have a layover in Boston and Dublin to rest and explore. We arrived in Manchester and I was jet lagged as hell. When we got to Sam’s Grandad’s farm for 5 hours. Yes, a 5-hour nap! I was still jet lagged. It was wonderful seeing the farm and then heading to stay with Jodie and Duane in Liverpool. Next was London, then took a train down to Tunbridge Wells. I have to admit, I enjoyed the countryside a little more than the city! 

Meeting all the family was overwhelming and also so exciting! I probably can’t remember everyone’s name, since I met about 15 people in an hour. There was so much bubbly wine, appetizers with goat cheese, prosciutto, and fig! Talk about heaven! Do I have to mention the food? The butter and banoffee pie were my favorites. The entire wedding, I was having fun, talking, drinking, and just taking pictures! No, I did not work this wedding. I was simply a guest! I was just so happy to be there and still got to photograph. The entire bridal party was so funny during the reception, all the family was so sweet to me, and I also got to spend time with our North Carolina family! I wish we didn’t have to leave. I will say, it did rain towards the end of the ceremony, and everyone was totally fine with all the rain! Us Americans would have freaked.

Emily and Matt were so sweet in letting me attend their day. And Photographing without getting in the actual photographer’s way! I loved their shoe change for the reception, Uncle Mike playing with his band, dancing with all the cousins, and drinking wine! They couldn’t have any other beautiful wedding!



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