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2018 Is the year Aly Barnett Photography became a business and an LLC! My daytime job changed companies and people were getting fired left and right. I told myself, eh! That’s okay! I can always shoot weddings full time. Little did I know, that is what happend.

This was the year I started working with The Remnate Collective, joined the Anchor and Veil fam, shot as an associate for even more photographers, YET shot 10 of my own weddings. With a total of 26! I didn’t count that till yesterday. 26 GUYS! That is a lot. No wonder my hard drive has zero space. I also rebranded myself, a new website, more advertising and gear!

For 2019, my word is FOCUS. I am decided to take more time for my business than working a 9 – 5 job everyday! Well, try. Haha! I still love that job but everyday is way too much. I already have 10 weddings booked for 2019 and still getting more! 2018 had so much growth. I couldn’t have done any of this without all my photographer friends, the awesome facebook groups, and of course, Sam and Sophie.


Liz and Luke decided on Ritchie Hill after seeing the AMAZING front porch and original doors. There is no venue like this in Concord!

Are you ready for these AMAZING details y’all!?! Jess & Angel decided to get married before their actual wedding day on a wim! Not only did they drive all the way from Raleigh, they showed their love in SUCH a beautiful way! Thank you to our team! I loved working with all of you!

Barrie Leigh Fields – @barrieleighfields
13 Cedar Events – @13cedarevents
Narcisse Greenway Design – @narcissegreenwaydesign
Roots Catering – @roots_catering
Viri Lovely Designs – @virilovelydesigns
Artistry by Aly – @artistry_by_aly
Paige & Elliott (providing attire for both models) – @paigeandelliott
Models – Jessica and Angel – @jskamdo
Cooke Rentals – @cookerentalslkn

The best spot for some fun color and architecture PLUS BEER! There is so much to photograph with the bars, lights, the Charlotte skyline, even some bikes or scooters! South End is super close to other parks, Noda, and Plaza Midwood. This makes it super easy to have two locations in one session!

Jessica and Bert decided to elope at the courthouse with their family! They loved it way more than planning a big wedding! Even though there are no photos allowed in the courthouse, we walked through uptown taking photos of them in the June summer heat! Can you tell? We stopped in The Cotton Room to find out, that is where one of their first dates was! After cooling off, they met with their friends and family at The Broken Spoke for the BEST cheese plates, drinks, and a surprise appearance by one of their favorite musicians from Greenville, South Carolina! Jessica & Bert were so great and easy to photograph the entire day! Plus, I am going back for more cheese at The Broken Spoke soon!

Laura & Chris (Plus Cooper) rocked their engagement session! I met all three of them at OMB last October. Yes, y’all can meet me for a drink! We immediately hit it off with drink beer and wine. They are even having Sam officiate their wedding! I was so excited to see their beautiful venue and to walk through their plans. OCTOBER CAN’T come soon enough! We also took a trip to the Charlotte skyline and the Rail Trail. I cannot express how much I love these two! <3

I finally get to publish this blog!! This styled shoot was published on last week. It was like an early birthday present to me! I am 25 today and yes, I am posting this blog because I am THAT excited! Abby from 13 Cedar helped me and Narcisse from Greenway Design put our idea to life. I couldn’t have done this without ANY of our vendors!! (Check them out below!)

Drea and Bryce have such a beautiful love story even though this wasn’t their wedding day, they eloped before they had their two adorable boys! I think their love story is amazing and now they have these photos of them to show their kids later in life! 

Okay, I might be a little late on this post… But I feel like I need to post this for me! I have grown SO MUCH this year it’s insane. I have to thank these photographers below for helping me grow! <3 

Tessa (Folk and Wayfarer) & Vera Gayazov

OH MY GOSH THE TWO OF YOU!! I probably would still be shooting bright and airy without y’all. Haha! You two have helped me create my portfolio with your amazing couples and pushing me to get the creative, and atypical shots. This was a big learning curve for me and thank you for being so down to earth with me! <3

Fox & Owl Studio

Shannon and Andrew, just your meet-ups have been amazing! Your one advice of doing styled shoots have been AMAZING! That has pushed me so far with my work it’s incredible! Please keep teaching!!

Cheers to 2017!

I cannot get over these images y’all! This styled shoot was planned by myself and believe me,  I have no idea how I pulled this all off! Of course, there were bumps along the way. But we did it!! These vendors were the absolute best and amazing to work with. Look at all the details! Check below for everyone’s website and Instagram. I cannot thank these ladies enough! My favorite part was finishing up the delicious wedding cake AND finishing that bottle of prosecco.  I mean we are there to do work, but everything is so much better with a little bit of alcohol and sweet treats! As I am still running around like a chicken with my head cut off, this entire shoot was worth the planning! I cannot wait for our next location.

If you don’t already know, Sam spent his summers going to England every summer. So much of his family is over there! When Sam invited me to go with him to Emily and Matt’s wedding, of course, I said I would go! We booked our ticket in the spring for us to go in July. We sat at the computer for 3 hours till we booked it! We booked it specifically to have a layover in Boston and Dublin to rest and explore. We arrived in Manchester and I was jet lagged as hell. When we got to Sam’s Grandad’s farm for 5 hours. Yes, a 5-hour nap! I was still jet lagged. It was wonderful seeing the farm and then heading to stay with Jodie and Dwayne in Liverpool. Next was London, then took a train down to Tunbridge Wells. I have to admit, I enjoyed the countryside a little more than the city! 

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