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Home is wherever I'm with you

Jackie and Britt got married on their Seventh Anniversary! Not only does Jackie have an obsession with all things vintage and antique, but their wedding venue, The Asheville Masonic Temple was built in 1915.

“We met one fateful Tuesday evening at a dive bar in downtown Asheville where I attempted to appear callous and uninterested while he dove into a failed magic trick and nervously name-dropped his band. He was the most ridiculous, brazen, yet hilariously resilient guy I had ever met and I suppose the rest was history, as the cliche goes! Britt and I are both huge fans of music and spend hours geeking out over our records or going to shows, and spend just as much time gushing over all our crazy animals.Their wedding day in Asheville was a wet, foggy, and cold February. Not only did this weather set the perfect mood, the color of the bridal party was grey and navy. How perfect?! The bridal dresses were custom made from Etsy specifically for the long, navy, velvet dresses!

Liz and Luke decided on Ritchie Hill after seeing the AMAZING front porch and original doors. There is no venue like this in Concord!

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